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Article 1. Objectives

Members of WeFaceSg Direct Selling platform owned by CCM Networks Pte Ltd (199403722R)  hereinafter referred to as “CCM Networks”) shall aim to share with one another products that have been researched and developed for the benefit of society, by promoting a healthy mind and body, financial well-being, and with your partners, to feel deeply moved with a sense of accomplishment and gratitude while engaging in activities that contribute to social welfare through persistent efforts undertaken together with others who support such aims.

This agreement contains provisions with respect to the organisation constituted under the Auto-Unilevel System, a membership organisation scheme for which the target products consist of OMAN FRANKINCENSE SACRA ESSENTIAL OIL, ORGANIC WONDER HEAT GEL, ORGANIC ENZYME SLIM ELIXIR and NANO MIST SPRAYER as Premier Circle program; and series of Organic skincare products come from United States of America, coupled with Water for Life innovative products as Elite Circle program.

This agreement shall govern both program products and membership activities engaged in by the membership organization unless specific explanations otherwise apply.

Article 2. Glossary

The following are terms and conditions governing CCM Networks and its members with regard to daily operations.Definitions are as follows:

Article 2-1 Membership

Membership is acquired by way of sponsorship by a current CCM Networks member via WeFaceSg platform, and after completion and submission of the “Membership Registration Application Form”, payment of registration fee if any and authorization by CCM Networks via WeFaceSg. CCM Networks members have the right to sell various products marketed by WeFaceSg, the right to sponsor others to become CCM Networks members and to enjoy all benefits offered by CCM Networks via WeFaceSg.

Article 2-2 Member’s Rights

Members shall have the rights and obligations expounded in this Membership Agreement, namely membership status, positioning, the right to recruit new members, and the right to sell CCM Networks products, etc via WeFaceSg platform. All CCM Networks’ products are sourced and distributed by Healthcosmo Pte Ltd ( UEN 200302743G) with exclusive authorization.

Article 2-3 The Sponsor

The sponsor is a member who introduces others to join the business activities of WeFaceSg platform, is awarded by CCM Networks authorized membership status, and is also known as the Premier Circle program Circle 1st upline member as PC01#01 (ID Number attached). And so on to PC01#02, PC01#03, PC01#04, and PC01#05.

Article 2-4 The Applicant

The applicant is a person who has been introduced by a sponsor and participates in the business activities of WeFaceSg, is awarded by CCM Networks authorized membership status, and is also known as the  Premier Circle program 1st Circle downline member as PC01#0101.PC01#0102,PC01#0103,PC01#0104 and PC01#0105 etc.

2nd Circle downline member is awarded by CCM Networks authorized membership status with PC02# 0101, PC02#0102, PC02#0103, PC02#0104 and PC02#0105 and so on.

3rd Circle downline member is awarded by CCM Networks authorized member status with PC03#0101 and same arrangement so on.

The last Circle will be Bonus Circle program and will be awarded by CCM Networks as authorized member status as BC01#001, BC01#002, BC01#003 and so on.

The system will generate commissions by end monthly accounting; eligible members shall receive their entitlement commissions with bonus point rewards within three working days from the beginning of the month.

Article 2-5 CCM Networks Products

There are two categories of CCM Networks products, namely the Premier Circle program “System Choice product” and the Elite Circle program “Promotional-Service-Product”. The “System Choice product” is defined as the first purchase of the product(s) after registration that generates 100 points with goods delivery; The “Promotional-Service-Product” is the monthly Promotion products by rotation whereby members are able to purchase within their Active Valid Period monthly at a discounted price without involving with system program. The Elite Circle members have obtained the points which are equal to goods purchase value, these points are to be accounted for the rewarding program.

Article 2-6 Organisation Chart (MAP)

Article 2-6-1 Data in the Organisation Chart (MAP) contains information such as member ID, name, etc. and is regarded as confidential. Information provided in the Organisation Chart must be treated with discretion and cannot be disclosed to a third party. Disclosure of such information will not only cause damage to the interests of CCM Networks but might also be detrimental to members, however accidental.
Article 2-6-2 The Organisation Chart is created by CCM Networks and all rights are wholly owned by CCM Networks By using it, you agree not to reproduce, copy or distribute the map.
Article 2-6-3 Upon termination of membership/termination of eligibility, all data contained in the Organisation Chart has to be surrendered to CCM Networks unconditionally.

Article 2-7 Business Regulations

The “Membership Agreement” represents a member’s rights and obligations in writing. CCM Networks reserves the right to make amendments as and when necessary. Such amendments will be publicly announced.

Article 2-8 Bonus Points

Used as the basis of bonus calculations and the measurement of eligibility to entitlements. In the event that the currency exchange rates fluctuate significantly, adjustments will be made to the bonus generated.

Article 3. How to Become a CCM Networks Member

To become a member of CCM Networks, you must fully understand the “Membership Agreement”, fill in the “Membership Registration Application Form”, select your designed type of registration (please refer to P8 for more details), and pay the necessary registration fee to begin registration procedures.

Article 3-1 CCM Networks Membership Requirements

Article 3-1-1 Individual Registration: Applicants must be 21 years old and above (signature of a legal guardian is necessary for those between 18 and 20 years old.)
Article 3-1-2 Company Registration: The business profile of the company
Article 3-1-3 Proof of Identity: Singapore Identity Card (NRIC) (applicants must submit photocopies)
Article 3-1-4 Bank account: The applicant has a bank account in Singapore (applicants must submit photocopies)
Article 3-1-5 Delivery Address: A local delivery address must be provided.
*The Home Address need not be within Singapore
Article 3-1-6 For Permanent Residents (PR), please refer to Article 7.

Article 3-2 Membership Registration

Article 3-2-1 Registration will be accepted only after applications are examined and found to be correct. Those who want to redeem bonuses are required to provide bank account details. The applicant must be the bank account holder.
Article 3-2-2 Upon acceptance of the application, members are automatically allocated in accordance with the Auto-binary system, based on set rules and requests for position changes or the sponsor will be rejected.
Article 3-2-3 CCM Networks reserves the absolute right to accept or reject any applications. False information or signatures supplied in the application form will result in the application being rejected by Naturally Plus.

Article 3-3 Membership Revocation / Termination / In the Case of Death

Article 3-3-1
The member may terminate the membership contract with CCM Networks by submitting the “Cancellation of Contract/Refund Form”. Within 60 days from the date of distribution, CCM Networks will accept the return of goods subject to the conditions set out in 3.2. In accordance with 3.2, CCM Networks will refund the member all goods that are paid for, subject to other charges incurred in facilitating the acquisition of membership, deduction of any impairment value while the goods were in the member’s custody, and the relevant bonuses previously accrued from the purchase of the returned goods. In the case whereby CCM Networks has to take repossession of the goods, charges incurred by CCM Networks are to be borne by the member and CCM Networks may deduct such charges from the refund. The member will not be eligible for re-registration of membership for six (6) months after termination of membership.
※ In line with the above point, all members of CCM Networks have the right to rescind the contract.
※ Once a BC001 account is terminated, all other BC positions will likewise be terminated as well. All rights accorded to those positions will thus be forfeited.

Article 3-3-2
Failure to adhere to, abide by or wilful default of these membership agreements will result in revocation or termination of membership while CCM Networks reserves the right to take legal action for damages.

Article 3-3-3 The person whose membership has been revoked for breaching the rules is not allowed to directly participate in any of CCM Networks’ activities for 2 years and will not possess or enjoy the status and benefits previously entitled to. Revoked membership will not be eligible for reapplication for a period of 2 years while CCM Networks reserves the right of approval or rejection for any application received after the 2-year period.
Article 3-3-4 The previously revoked member, when accepted to re-register, will not enjoy the bonus or benefits of the previous position. The member would be assigned to a new organization.
Article 3-3-5 In case of death or the proof of mental incapacity of a member, CCM Networks will pass all entitlements and benefits to the member’s next-of-kin or legal beneficiary. If the next-of-kin or legal beneficiary does not want to inherit the membership, it will be regarded as abandonment by free will.
Article 3-3-6 The contract will be nullified automatically if members, who have an Active Valid Period from their product purchase(s) that generated 100 points or more, did not purchase any products that generate points within a year, or if members, who do not have an Active Valid Period, did not purchase any products that generate points within a year of the date of their last product purchase that generated points.
Article 3-3-7 After the contract has been nullified automatically, the member may immediately reapply for membership (please refer to Article 2.1).
Article 3-3-8 The return of goods will be accompanied with the cancellation of contract if the returned product(s) affect the member’s accumulated 1,000 or more bonus points of that given month and cause it to drop to less than 1,000. If the member’s accumulated bonus points of that given month are less than 1,000, the return of goods will not be accompanied with the cancellation of contract should one product be retained.

Article 3-4 Rules and Procedures Governing Return of Goods

The following procedures will be effective:

Article 3-4-1 The return of goods within 60 days from the date of distribution of the goods to the member is accepted under the following conditions: [1] The request must be accompanied by the “Cancellation of Contract/Refund Form”. [2] Goods to be returned are confined to items purchased by the applicant only, and made out of the applicant’s own will.
Article 3-4-2 For the protection of the quality of our products, the depreciation for products that have been opened, used or damaged is set at 100% and will not be accepted by CCM Networks. The same depreciation rate also applies to Promotional-Service-Products.
Article 3-4-3 When goods are returned, members need to sign the relevant forms and provide a bank account number for the transfer of money.
Article 3-4-4 The return of goods may exert an effect on the achievement of bonuses or results of campaigns for the member or the up lines. CCM Networks has the right to pursue the matter and exercise deductions accordingly.
Article 3-4-5 For a complete refund, returned products must include all promotional gifts given, and said gifts cannot be used, opened, tampered with or contaminated and their packaging must be in the original condition and have not been tampered with or defaced. If the impairment value of the promotional gifts is 100%, the value of the gifts will be deducted from the refund amount.
Article 3-4-6 The registration fee of SGD 100 will not be refunded for any members from PC01, PC02, PC03 and BC01#001 position (BC01#002 or BC01#003 and above).
Article 3-4-7 No refunds will be given for purchased merchandise. Please use your own discretion on the amount of merchandise you purchase, and do note that should there be revisions made to the “Membership Registration Application Form”, Premier Circle program, business introduction, Member’s Manual, etc., due to operational changes, there is no exchange policy to replace your old versions with the updated items.

Article 3-5 Replacement of Products

Article 3-5-1 Products that are damaged during transit, short supplied, blemished or defective in packaging will be replaced. Members may make requests for replacement by telephone or appear in person within 60 days on receipt of the products in question. After verification, identical items shall be replaced within 7 days without charge.
Article 3-5-2 Replaceable items are confined to products that generate bonus points only. Merchandise such as printed material, forms, documents and support materials that do not generate bonus points will not be replaced or returned.

Article 4.  Members’ Right and Duty

Article 4-1 Complying with the Membership Agreement

Members are obliged to follow and observe all the regulations laid down in this Membership Agreement. CCM Networks will from time to time make amendments to the regulations and other rules if need be. Amendments will be announced in printed materials of CCM Networks, or communicated to members through other means.

Article 4-2 Purchases

Article 4-2-1 Members can purchase products in accordance with their needs.
Article 4-2-2 On receipt of the purchased products, members should inspect the items, quantity, package etc. of the delivery immediately. If discrepancies or defective goods are found, they should be raised to CCM Networks within 60 days together with the invoice for replacement. Otherwise, the products are deemed to have been received in proper condition.
Article 4-3 Recruitment

Members have the right to introduce others to participate in the business of CCM Networks and to become a CCM Networks member.

Article 4-3-1 Sponsors are required to provide a complete set of membership information to the applicant for consideration, and cannot pressure the applicant to buy or stock up on our products.
Article 4-3-2 Before signing the “Membership Registration Application Form” the sponsor should have truthfully and clearly presented to the applicant in full this Membership Agreement and other related information. Any attempt to mislead, cheat, conceal or misrepresent is absolutely prohibited. The applicant should be invited to sign on the application only after the applicant fully understands this document.
Article 4-4 Sales

Article 4-4-1 In sales activities, members are not allowed to distort or misrepresent the price, quality or ingredients of products of Naturally Plus by any means, or should they make exaggerated and deceitful statements relating to the functions of the products. If and when such an act causes damage to CCM Networks, members are liable for any and all damages and legal action will be taken accordingly.
Article 4-4-2 In promoting a product, members should explain in detail the information contained on the product label.
Article 4-4-3 The essence of the CCM Networks Direct-Marketing business is to protect our members and to allow our members to make safe use of our products; members are not allowed to display CCM Networks goods and merchandise at retail shops, auction sites and other public places.
Article 4-4-4 Members are not allowed to promote or sell products that do not belong to CCM Networks during CCM Networks business activities.
Article 4-4-5 Claims of sole franchise or exclusive regional rights, etc., of CCM Networks or its group companies, are forbidden. Members are not allowed to express that they are under the employment of, or in partnership with CCM Networks or its group companies. Members are not allowed to use CCM Networks’ or its group companies’ addresses, contact numbers, email addresses, website addresses, etc., as their personal contact information.
Article 4-4-6 CCM Networks will not interfere with transactions among members but will take action on incidents that violate this Membership Agreement such as termination of membership.

Article 4-5 Education

Article 4-5-1 The relationship between the sponsor and the applicant is that of an upline and a downline, therefore sponsors have the responsibility to educate, encourage and assist the career development of the downline.
Article 4-5-2 Members have the obligation to participate in education courses organized by CCM Networks; refusal to participate in such events will lead to CCM Networks refraining from giving public recognition of membership or publishing the events in printed publications.

Article 4-6

Members are not permitted to make demands, comments, and announcements in the public relating to CCM Networks, its group companies, or their products. Members shall be responsible for infringements leading to the damage of CCM Networks or its group companies, tangible or otherwise, and CCM Networks reserves the right to take legal action if necessary and to give written notice to revoke membership.

Article 4-7

Members shall observe the laws of Singapore and shall refrain from such activities to involve CCM Networks or its group companies into legal entanglement or damage the goodwill of CCM Networks or its group companies.

Article 4-8

Members shall not concurrently take up other multilevel direct sales works or engage in other sales activities for products identical to or similar with CCM Networks or to introduce other members of CCM Networks to carry on or engage in other sales business.

Article 4-9

Members are prohibited from using the good name of CCM Networks or its group companies, or during the business activities of CCM Networks,  to encourage, instigate, assist or abet other CCM Networks members to conduct none- CCM Networks related activities, and to recommend, promote, sell, advertise such activities and demonstrate behaviour that contravenes the code of conduct as stated in the Membership Agreement and other relevant rules and regulations.

Article 4-10

Members shall not manipulate or adjust the bonus points of the downline so as to achieve higher bonus payouts, eligibility to incentives or other target purposes.

Article 4-11

When, in the course of a member exercising his/her rights (introduction, selling, education etc.), it is discovered that damages have been inflicted on CCM Networks or its group companies or CCM Networks’ or its group companies’ reputation, or reputation of other members, or the well-being of the organisation, CCM Networks reserves the right to take appropriate action against the member.

Article 4-12

Members are prohibited from violating any of the Articles of this Membership Agreement and other related regulations resulting in damage to CCM Networks or its group companies. Violations of the following matters will result in revocation of membership and CCM Networks will take legal action for damages according to the law.

Article 4-12-1 Use of deceitful or misleading means to promote or sell products and services or to solicit others to participate in sales organizations.
Article 4-12-2 Under the guidance of conducting a multi-level marketing business to raise funds or other purposes or engaging in improper behavior to promote or sell products.
Article 4-12-3 Conducting sales activities by creating disruptions to public order or by means of anti-social behavior.
Article 4-12-4 Engaging in unorthodox direct sales activities to distort the orderly conduct of the market, causing serious damage to the consumer.
Article 4-12-5 Engaging in direct sales activities that contravene the laws of Singapore.
Article 4-12-6 Use of libelous or slanderous speech or behavior against CCM Networks, CCM Networks directors, management, and employees.
Article 4-12-7 Creating controversy or disputes about money matters or relationship issues.
Article 4-12-8 Making false statements in response to official inquiries from CCM Networks.
Article 4-12-9 Using the name of CCM Networks or its group companies to mislead and conduct matters related to registration.
Article 4-12-10 Influencing an existing member to move to another organization within CCM Networks or its companies.
Article 4-12-11 Moving to another organization within CCM Networks or its companies.

Article 4-13

The member is responsible for any legal effect arising from the situation whereby the member is uncontactable by phone, SMS, email notification or by fax.

Article 4-14

All income derived from CCM Networks activities must be reported accurately, truly and honestly to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore in accordance with the taxation laws of Singapore.

Article 5.  Business Opportunity & Product Presentations

Article 5-1

When conducting an introductory meeting for potential members, the approach should be honest, objective and professional and members shall not cause the potential members to be misled or deceived. The following approaches are not permitted:

Article 5-1-1 This is an employment opportunity.
Article 5-1-2 This is a social or non-business gathering.
Article 5-1-3 This is a seminar/gathering on taxation, finance, investment or other similar purposes to promote sales.
Article 5-2

When conducting an introductory meeting for new members, the potential members must not receive the following misleading impressions or be cheated.

Article 5-2-1 The business of CCM Networks has no connection with CCM Networks Pte Ltd, but rather it is an agency business of an individual or organization.
Article 5-2-2 The member can make a profit by simply introducing new members.
Article 5-2-3 There are tax benefits to joining CCM Networks.
Article 5-2-4 Explain that the income and bonus are guaranteed.
Article 5-2-5 This is an opportunity to become rich as joining CCM Networks means “quick money”. You can get rich by spending only a little effort.
Article 5-3

When explaining benefits and earnings, members have to follow these guidelines:

Article 5-3-1 When using the examples set out in this Membership Agreement or in the printed matters of CCM Networks, you must clearly point out that the figures are for illustration only.
Article 5-3-2 When citing actual cases, prior consent of the members concerned must first have been acquired.
Article 5-3-3 Citing examples of success or benefits are allowed, but such examples are to be confined to those attained by or given to CCM Networks members.

Article 6. The use of the trademark of CCM Networks

Article 6-1 Proprietary Right to the trademarks of Naturally Plus and its group companies

Article 6-1-1 CCM Networks and its group companies’ logos and related trademarks are registered and exclusively owned by CCM Networks and its group companies respectively. In accordance with trademark laws, members are not allowed to use such marks without the consent of CCM Networks and its group companies.
Article 6-1-2 In the case that CCM Networks or its group companies’ corporate identity is needed for the conduct of business, members should apply to CCM Networks or its group companies for written authorization. Such authorization shall be renewed every year to be effective.
Article 6-1-3 Members are not allowed to use the name, labels or trademarks of CCM Networks or its group companies to manufacture CCM Networks products unless prior written authorization by CCM Networks and its group companies is obtained.
Article 6-1-4 Members are not allowed to sell goods in other countries using the CCM Networks trademark of their respective countries, or trademarks of CCM Networks’ group companies.
Article 6-1-5 To avoid infringement trademark legislation and related rules and for the protection of the goodwill of CCM Networks and its group companies, members or their representatives are forbidden to advertise CCM Networks, its group companies, or their related activities in any media (including electronic, broadcast or print media), or by making use of the promotional mechanism of CCM Networks or its group companies or by other similar modes of publicity for the purpose of business gains.
Article 6-2 Intellectual Property

All publications of CCM Networks and its group companies such as membership journals, written material, audiovisual productions, artistic designs, drawings, scripts, etc., are under the protection of the laws of copyright and applicable intellectual property law. Unauthorised use or infringement of such rights will be prosecuted. CCM Networks has the right to take legal action against any use which infringes the copyright of CCM Networks or its group companies or damages the goodwill of CCM Networks or its group companies.

Article 6-2-1 Recording or duplication of CCM Networks’ or its group companies’ business activities, conferences, or speeches is not allowed.
Article 6-2-2 The duplication of recordings, videotaping or copying of briefings or speeches of CCM Networks’ or its group companies’ representatives, speakers, executives, directors or other presentations is prohibited.
Article 6-2-3 The duplication or copying of CCM Networks’ or its group companies’ audio-visual material is prohibited.
Article 6-2-4 Any materials produced by members for the promotion and sale of CCM Networks products must have acquired the prior written approval of CCM Networks in writing before being presented to the public.
Article 6-3

Contravention of the provisions of Article 6-2 will result in revocation of membership.

Article 7. Regulations Relating to non-Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents (PRs)

Article 7-1

The membership of CCM Networks shall be granted only to Singapore citizens or Singapore permanent residents of 21 years of age and above (Signature of the legal guardian is necessary for those between 18 and 20 years old.).

Article 7-2

The applicant shall submit a photocopy of their blue identity card (must be valid for six (6) months or more) and fill in the “Membership Registration Application Form”, sign on the “Membership Agreement” and submit the required documents to CCM Networks. CCM Networks reserves the right to approve or reject any and all applications.

Article 7-3

In the case of permanent residents, the membership will automatically expire upon expiry of the re-entry permit. The permanent resident shall update their particulars and submit a photocopy of their renewed re-entry permit to prevent their account from automatically expiring.

Article 7-4

Any ex-members of CCM Networks due to voluntary termination of membership shall be entitled to apply to become members of CCM Networks again six (6) months thereafter.

Article 7-5

The members of CCM Networks engaging in the business activities of CCM Networks must make tax returns honestly in accordance with the law of Singapore and pay tax accordingly. Tax evasion is strictly prohibited. N CCM Networks is not responsible for the tax affairs of the members.

Article 8. Legal Compliance

Article 8-1

Members shall comply with the relevant laws of Singapore, and engage in business activities in accordance with regulations of CCM Networks. If the member is found to be in violation of any act or law, the member will be held solely responsible and fully liable.

Article 8-2 Penalties for any breaches

Article 8-2-1 If the member is found to be in violation of any rules and regulations or displays behavior that contravenes the code of conduct as stated in this Membership Agreement, CCM Networks will impose any one or more of these penalties stated below to the member, uplines or organizations.
(1) Letter of Warning
(2) Suspension of MAP and/or NDS usage
(3) Revocation of Bonus payouts
(4) Revocation of any Certificate of Qualification and/or Badge of Honour
(5) Suspension from the enterprise’s activities (total or in part of)
(6) Termination of eligibility
(7) Termination of membership
Article 8-2-2 When CCM Networks metes out any one of the penalties listed above, members may be required to sign the memorandum of agreement. If under any circumstance, should they refuse to do so, CCM Networks reserves the right to prolong the suspension period or impose additional penalties, etc.
Article 8-3 Challenging a penalty

If a member wants to raise an objection to any of the penalties imposed for regulation breaches, under the following conditions, the member may raise their objection in writing.

Article 8-3-1 The objection must be raised within two weeks of receiving notification from CCM Networks, failing which no objection can be made.
Article 8-3-2 Proof that is based on facts substantiating the member’s claim must be provided.
Article 8-3-3 A factual account must be provided and the objection must be made of the member’s own free will.
Article 8-4 Other matters not pertaining to membership regulations

If the circumstances of the event fall out of the purview of the Membership Agreement, CCM Networks will act in accordance with the spirit of the law.

Article 9. Others

Article 9-1

The upline may make an inquiry of the data belonging to the downline, provided such an inquiry is restricted to the names and member ID of the downline. No other information will be furnished without the express consent of the member concerned. The downline is not entitled to make any inquiry of data belonging to the upline.

Article 9-2

CCM Networks owns and reserves the right to development in markets outside of Singapore. Members’ trading activities are restricted and limited to Singapore retail only. No attempt shall be made to export CCM Networks goods or their related facilities. The contravening of laws outside Singapore will be the sole responsibility of the individual member, and the member shall be liable to CCM Networks for any loss and damage which CCM Networks may suffer as a result of such contravention.

Article 9-3

Members are not allowed to engage in the promotion or liaison activities in markets that CCM Networks has not been given the rights to operate, including advertising, promoting or insinuating that an arrangement can be made to acquire membership. Should such actions lead to damages or losses to CCM Networks, these members shall be responsible for all the costs and expenses incurred or suffered by CCM Networks and will be fully liable to CCM Networks.

Article 9-4

Members are not allowed to trade or engage in any activities in any country that CCM Networks has yet to be established in, aside from purchasing products through NPGL. In addition, exports of CCM Networks products and information etc. are not allowed.

Article 9-5

Sound and video recordings made during CCM Networks’ public activities or events such as initiation presentations, group travel, and ceremonies shall be made available to CCM Networks without cost or compensation for the production of sales aids and/or for such purposes as CCM Networks may require. Members hereby waive all his/her/their copyright (if any) and intellectual property rights (if any) in such materials and agrees that copyright and intellectual property rights relating thereto belong to CCM Networks. Members shall submit to CCM Networks such materials as and when so requested by CCM Networks, and will execute such deeds, documents or agreements when requested by CCM Networks to vest ownership of the copyright and intellectual property rights in such materials to CCM Networks.

Article 9-6

If members display behaviour that include, but are not limited to the following: coercing, instigating, deceiving, compelling, intimidating, pressuring, threatening, or forcing another member to terminate their membership, apply for a refund, switch organisations or sponsors, and to interfere, jeopardise or affect in any way the relationship between members in an attempt to poach members from other organisations to join their own organisation or switch sponsors and undermine another organisation; these acts, direct or indirect, are in violation of the rules and regulations of CCM Networks. Severe penalties will be imposed and members will be fully liable to CCM Networks for all and any losses, or damages if incurred or suffered.

Article 9-6-1 Members are prohibited from creating dummy accounts or letting their accounts be handled by others, or registering a company by using a relative’s name to change organizations.
Article 9-6-2 CCM Networks prohibits the same member from joining two different organizations and engaging in business activities. For example, by using a relative’s or friend’s, or any other person’s details to register an account with CCM Networks and be allocated to an established position and later on to use another person’s details to register another account in a different organisation; such behaviour contravenes our regulations, and CCM Networks may take such action as it deems fit to deal with such contravention.
Article 9-7

If members display behaviour that include, but are not limited to the following: encouraging, inciting, assisting and abetting other members to switch organisations; or offer a financial or any form of reward to other members as an incentive to switch organisations and if CCM Networks determines that this is in violation of the rules and regulations, CCM Networks will stop any payout of bonuses, and impose a suitable penalty as it deems fit for this violation.

Article 9-8

In the event that a member has distorted or misrepresented CCM Networks’ marketing plans or the effect of its products, or those of its group companies, CCM Networks has the right to suspend the rights and benefits of that member until the member has corrected the mistake before the suspension is lifted and the member can resume enjoying their rights and benefits.

Article 9-9

During the period of suspension of membership, members’ entitlements and benefits will be retained temporarily by CCM Networks or be dealt with directly by CCM Networks until alleviation. Members shall raise no objection to this and shall not take any legal action against CCM Networks.

Article 9-10

CCM Networks reserves the right to amend this Membership Agreement, the Member’s Manual and the price of all goods at any time with immediate effect, and any such amendment shall be binding on the members.

Article 9-11

In the case of disputes between CCM Networks and its members, CCM Networks and its members agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore courts and that the losing party shall bear all legal costs and damages.

Article 9-12

All efforts have been made to conform to the laws of Singapore, the Multi-level Marketing and Pyramid Selling (Prohibition) Act and the Multi-Level Marketing and Pyramid Selling (Excluded Schemes and Arrangements) Order (hereafter, referred to as the ‘Exclusion Order’), in the making of this Membership Agreement and the Member’s Manual. In the case of any conflict, the laws of Singapore shall prevail.

Article 9-13

Should there be any conflict between the English version and the Chinese version, the English version shall prevail.