Super Value Combo Pack


Super Value Combo Pack

$200.00 $58.00

Super Value Combo Pack!

HC Rich Hydrogen Water Generator + Nano Mist Sprayer =S$58.00

Best way to obtain Hydrogen source unlimited with Rich Hydrogen Water and Nano Hydrogen Mist combination; control your health and beauty inside out within hands.

Limited Period!

Diffusing Hydrogen Rich Water for Ultimate Skin Moisturizing Antioxidant, Shrink Pores, Moisturizing, and Anti-acne

Medical Studies | Super Antioxidant


HC Nano Hydrogen Mist

The HC Nano Mist Sprayer is next thing to take your skin to the next level. Infusing Hydrogen Rich Water with fine molecular hydrogen mist, your skin can now be revitalized like never before.
With many medical studies available for the benefits of using hydrogen therapy for skin, drinking, and gas intake HC Hydrogen Water Generator and state of art HC Nano Mist Sprayer is proud to present to you the HC Nano Hydrogen Mist.
Transform any mineral water into Hydrogen Rich water instantly. Start saying goodbye to dry skin and leave wrinkles behind. Stay Young & Fresh all the time.

To balance oxidative stress, the human body maintenance system uses the technique of overlapping antioxidants such glutathione and enzymes produced internally or dietary antioxidants like vitamins A, C, & E from fruits and vegetables we consume.
Oxidative stress comes from many different sources of exposure to sun, pollution in the air, bad food, alcohol, smoking, hard physical activities etc. We all have oxidative stress and antioxidants can fight it, but the problem arises when free radicals are winning the battle. To aid in this battle, the use of the HC Nano Mist Sprayer protects your skin from these free radicals and thus slows the aging process. It’s a cutting-edge new component of a thorough anti-aging regime.



Antioxidants are helpful molecules that inhibit oxidation of other molecules. Oxidation is a chemical reaction in our bodies that can produce free radicals leading to a chain reaction that may damage our cells. Fortunate for us, antioxidants reduce or eliminate free radicals. Free radicals damage your skin’s cell walls leading to problems in getting nutrients into cells and getting waste by-products out of the cells. Also, free radicals potentially reduce mitochondrial energy output to your cells leading to lack of energy or even damage to DNA which can lead to serious illness or irreversible disease. Inflammation is the main cause of diseases in the human body. Oxidative stress leads to inflammation so it is very beneficial for your overall health and for your skin’s health to reduce inflammation.

The Power of Micro clustering
The HC Hydrogen Mist, through an electrolysis process, transforms water molecules into smaller clusters for maximum skin absorption. This micro-clustering process allows water to better penetrate the skin offering maximum skin moisturizing benefits to rejuvenate skin to its vibrant, young, & healthier state.

Unleash the Power of Hydrogen
HC Hydrogen Mist generates up to 1100 ppb of hydrogen with mineral water. Hydrogen is the lightest & smallest atom that can easily penetrate skin and repair cells. Bringing your dry skin back to life.

Pretty powerful for such a tiny little molecule. So, if you are looking for additional ways to protect your skin, investing in a skincare device such as the HC Nano Mist Sprayer is a convenient and handy way to mist your face with hydrogen water… the tiny antioxidant with superpowers!

Fight acne, Stop inflammation
Hydrogen water contains strong anti-inflammatory properties that eliminate toxins and bacteria in the skin. To reduce acne, blackheads, and other wastes.


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