Refreshing Acne Spray


Refreshing Acne Spray

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Refreshing Acne Spray

Benefits of the Smooth & Clear Acne Spray Mist

Smoother looking skin
Firmer / tighter looking skin
Moisturized skin
Fewer wrinkles
A healthy glow
Brighter skin
Even skin tone
Minimizes your pores
Can remove blackheads overtime

Eliminate Acne The Smooth & Clear Way To understand why Smooth & Clear works, we must first understand the science behind the question. “Why do we get acne in the first place?” Here’s why Smooth & Clear works, it is composed of 100% micro-structured, strong acidic, positively charged – water, no it is Mist!
One of the ways our bodies get rid of waste is through the skin. When these waste bacteria encounter a hair folice or some other blockage, they become inframed and you know what happens next. A zit pops out!

The powerful pimple fighter in a small bottle!

BO Smooth & Clearwater spray mist – Originated from Famous Pine Mountain Spring Water for problematic skin (acne, eczema, psoriasis, pimples, blackheads) 100 ml.


Hygiene and Hydration
The best way to maintain skin health and improve or prevent acne is to follow the “Two H’s” of good skin care, hygiene and hydration (cleansing and moisturizing):
Hygiene – There is no better skin hygiene method for acne sufferers than the BO Smooth & Clear mist, the ultimate cleansing process.
Hydration – There is no better moisturizer product for skin hydration than Smooth & Clear pure, natural, mild, Ph-correct spring water from GA. Smooth & Clear is the only water clinically researched and demonstrated to benefit dry skin, which causes overproduction of sebaceous oil, which causes oily skin which causes acne (pimples and/or zits) from the only water company in GA specializing in water for the human skin.

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Some Facts About Acne

  • Acne is most common between ages 13 and 40.
  • Acne can be triggered by heredity, hormones, stress, diet, and pollution.
  • Acne is caused by dry skin (dehydration), which causes overproduction of oil (sebum) in the skin.
  • More than 20 million teenagers suffer from oily skin and acne.
  • Teenage acne occurs on the upper cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead while adult acne occurs on the lower cheeks, jaw, chin and neck.
  • Adult acne is common among women in menopause.
  • Substance abuse can cause acne.
  • Early intervention can lessen the severity of acne pimples and prevent scarring.
  • Many excellent medications will unclog pores and kill bacteria.

Here’s how each of these qualities works together to get rid of acne once and for all.

  1. Micro-Structuring means that we have reduced the molecular size of the water molecule to ½ to 1/3 that of a regular water molecule. This allows Smooth & Clear to penetrate at 5 layars of the skin.
  2. Strong Acidic: We are able to change the PH (a measure of acidity) from about neutral or 7.0 to a much lower level that kills all viruses, harmful bacteria, and free radicals on contact.
  3. The water is left with a positive (*) electrical charge.
  4. We’re talking about Water and Mist! Probably the safest substance on the planet!

Direction For Use

  • Spray Smooth & Clear mist on affected areas when Smooth & Clear is almost dry, spray it again! Then let it air dry. Do this a minimum of two times a day.
  • Hold the Smooth & Clear mist bottle 8-10 inches away from face.
  • Depress pump with finger to release mist.
  • Mist several times to create a microclimate of natural, pure moisture around skin.
  • If the mist on your skin begins to drip, the bottle is too close.
  • For facial misting, tilt your chin up and move the bottle each time the pump is pressed, creating a circle around your face. Mist 6-8 times.
  • Inhale the mist to obtain the full, natural benefit to breathing passages.
  • Apply Smooth & Clear mist before and after facial and skin cleansing and immediately before applying lotions, cosmetics, sunscreen and/or topical medications.
  • Apply Smooth & Clear mist as often as needed throughout the day, whenever skin feels dry, itchy or to rejuvenate faded cosmetic colors.
  • Smooth & Clear mist can be safely used with any skin care products.

How it all comes together…..

By double spraying, we are keeping the Smooth & Clear mist longer, and the micro-structured water has additional time to penetrate the skin. This allows Smooth & Clear to attack the problem-causing bacteria at full strength. Once the bacteria are dead, the inflammation which caused the zit wall will no longer have its support mechanism and everything will return to normal.

And remember the positive electrical charge (+)? All free radicals, which are in the air around us every day, also have a positive (+) charge and therefore Smooth & Clear actually repels them, and prevents them from causing problems on your healing skin. And the acidic aspect of Smooth & Clear? It turns out that good healthy skin should have a PH of 5.5 in other words, your skin should be slightly acidic! It’s Smooth & Clear, and it works!

The 100% natural way to Clearer Skin

Have you ever looked at the ingredients in acne treatments? Unless you’re a chemist we’ll bet you can’t pronounce most of them! Do you realize that every-thing you put on your skin is eventually absorbed into your body? Are these chemicals good for you? Take a guess….. Now take a look at the ingredients in Smooth & Clear Acne Spray mist, it will just take a second, because there’s only one…… Micro-Structured Water! We have a process that restructures water into a substance that is phenomenal on acne, and good for your skin too!

Smooth & Clear Acne Spray

When it comes to skin care, people are always on the lookout for products that will give them the kind of porcelain skin they see on models and celebrities in magazines and on television.
Having flawless, evenly-toned skin that’s free of blemishes takes more than a “miracle cure,” because most products that promise amazing results usually don’t measure up to expectations.

Although it is possible for people of almost any age to achieve porcelain skin, it’s important to remember that this will not happen overnight. Beautiful skin begins with proper skin care and an understanding of individual skin tone and type. Out of all of the known skin conditions, acne is among the most common. Even though the issue is most often associated with teenagers, adults well into middle age can experience breakouts and blemishes.

Smooth & Clear Acne Spray was developed in order to effectively fight existing breakouts and prevent future blemishes without wreaking havoc on the skin. Many popular acne systems are very harsh and drying, often times making the situation worse by aggravating the skin. Smooth & Clear Acne Spray is very gentle, working with the skin rather than against it in order to clear stubborn pimples and promote ongoing clarity.


While topical and oral prescription acne medications have proven to be very effective in treating pimples, skin dryness and irritation are very prevalent side effects amongst those undergoing treatment.

Nodular acne occurs due to an excess production of sebum accumulation in our skin, which is significantly decreased when using various oral or topical medications. Though complexions may look oil and blemish-free, restoring the damaged hydrolipidic film can only be done with soothing, nourishing adjunctive care. Moisturizing, soothing, products that won’t reclog pores are essential to skin comfort.


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