DMAE MSM Face Mist Toner


DMAE MSM Face Mist Toner

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DMAE MSM Face Mist Toner

Face Mist Organic Vegan Anti Aging Facelift in a bottle Unscented Silky Coverage Anti Aging Formula All Natural

DMAE MSM Face Mist Toner is of Organic Vegan ingredients, all natural silky mist that goes on light, refreshes tones and protects as it battles against the onslaught of free radicals, sunlight, harsh seasonal elements, in home heating systems and air conditioners.

The perfect Summer face perk-me-up – keep your bottle in the fridge then spritz away refreshing hot dry sweaty skin! Lovely! DMAE MSM is a year round, daily must in your anti-aging arsenal! If you are like me and my other clients, we NEVER leave home without our facelift in a bottle.

Facelift in a bottle? Don’t believe me? Well, how about Dr. Perricone, the anti-aging guru …

“DMAE helps prevent and correct the loss of skin elasticity. DMAE also helps to firm, tone and tighten skin’s appearance for a more chiselled and youthful look.”

Topical Application of MSM:

◾MSM provides sulphur for the body
◾Enables the body to heal itself
◾It is an anti-inflammatory
◾It is anti-microbial
◾Helpful in treating acne, certain fungal infections, psoriasis and eczema
◾Paraben free
◾Repairs burned or damaged tissue
◾Helps to eliminate brown spots (hyperpigmentation)
◾Contributes to healthy nails, hair and skin
◾Helps to eliminate wrinkles

This spray mist DMAE is an amazing ingredient which gives the appearance of toned and firm skin. MSM is soothing and calming, especially for chaotic skin. Toners are a critical part of a daily skin regimen after a deep cleansing to lift any dirt or oil brought to the surface with your cleanser. DMAE can cause a tingling sensation.

Toning your skin after cleansing is an important step in your skin care program. Healthy skin depends on a naturally low surface pH of around 5.5, known as the acid mantle. This alcohol-free, hydrating facial mist restores this important skin defense and completes the cleansing process, leaving your skin feeling fresh and revitalized.

For best results: Spray directly onto freshly cleansed face or onto cotton wool and gently wipe over skin. Please note that DMAE can cause a brief, natural tingling sensation.

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Ingredients: Organic aloe vera juice, kosher vegetable glycerin, DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol), MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), plantago extract, black willowbark extract, phenoxyethanol (paraben free preservative), polysorbate, helichrysum extract, essential oils of lavender, frankincense, rose otto, ylang ylang, german blue chamomile, tea tree, sweet orange, citric acid (to correct PH), love and the highest intentions for your health and well being.

DMAE: Dimethylaminoethanol … go ahead try to say it lol Who cares, as long as you know DMAE equals to instant face lift, you got it all. Right; we are a culture of instant gratification, so why should your facial products be any different? DMAE is a membrane stabilizer, intersperses and becomes part of the cell plasma membrane. The membrane is more able to resist stress and if you don’t believe stress affects every particle of your being, then go look into the mirror then picture yourself at 16 … DMAE also gives protection from free radicals (oxygen molecules that have lost an electron in interactions with other molecules) ie sunlight, cigarette smoke, air pollution you get the idea.

So mixed in with other nutrients, combined with an antioxidant base and applied topically, DMAE acts quickly and dramatically improves the appearance of sagging skin – your face neck décolleté! Works quickly to firm skin upon application but also continues to firm skin over time. And we likey that!

DMAE is an amazing nutrient which has been shown to prevent the cross linking of proteins giving the skin a firmer appearance as well as extending the life of skin cells. MSM is an essential nutrient found naturally in healthy skin that soothes and supports healthy skin tissue. Sweet Sisters blends these nutrients with antioxidant rich plant extracts and skin renewing essential oils especially suited for the needs of maturing skin. This mist toner can be used throughout the day to hydrate, nourish and freshen as well as to set your mineral makeup.

Use this toner to maintain your skin’s protective acid mantle, provide important nutrients, hydrate your skin, soothe and protect your skin from environmental stress, and give your skin a firmer appearance.

Topical Application of DMAE

*Contours, and tightens the skin’s elasticity
*“Improves skin tone and lifts sagging eyelids”
*“Tightens skin around the eyes after just a few days use”
*You should feel the effects 20 minutes after application of the serum and it should last most of the day
*Reduces the appearance, depth and length of fine lines and wrinkles
*Restores the skin’s suppleness
*Helps to prevent skin dehydration
*Brightens the dull appearance of skin
*Reduces and/or prevents DNA damage
*Paraben free
*DMAE is a nutrient that extends the life of cells and inhibits the cross-linking of proteins
*Can be applied under or over makeup
*Use morning and evening for best results
*Plumps up the aging tissue around the lips
*Lightens dark age spots (hyperpigmentation)

MSM: Methylsulfonylmethane .. sheesh that’s not any easier to say that Dimethylaminoethanol!!

But boy does it WORK and that’s all we care about. MSM is a organic sulfur compound that is found in many of the healthiest and most nutritionally synergistic foods that we eat such as broccoli, cabbage and Brussels sprouts (I refuse to eat those !) which give off a distinct odor when cooked. Yes but the MSM I use has zero cent just so you know.

MSM has a softening, deeply penetrating effect on the skin when applied topically. It has the unique ability to penetrate several skin layers and therefore provides a better, more deeply hydrating and smoothing effect for longer periods of time. The sulfur compound also has an anti-inflammatory and skin-repairing effect, which may be useful for inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, acne and psoriasis. It also may help smooth and soften acne scars and hasten the healing of existing lesions.MSM helps make the skin cells more permeable, and therefore more absorbent and receptive to plumping and hydration.

This means that if it is an ingredient in your facial moisturizer, it can help the other ingredients gain entry to the skin cells in order to hydrate them more effectively. MSM has been reported to help reduce hyperpigmentation issues such as melasma, pink or faded-red acne scars, age spots, freckles and sun damage both as an internal supplement and external application although most people consistently reported greater success when using it topically for this purpose.

It has a brightening and luminizing effect on the skin overall when applied topically, and over time may also help reduce uneven skin tone and help correct areas of darker pigmentation as well. Since MSM makes the skin cells more permeable, it may very well have to do with the synergy of other lightening ingredients contained in a cream or lotion, so it may also allow natural skin brighteners to better penetrate the skin.



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